Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chapter 5: The Sky, The Ocean, The Island and The Beginning

The basement's floor was split in half. It was a tunnel connecting the sea to their facility.
"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!"
"Looks like, it's already here", said Mr. Miser.
"Everyone, on your positions!"

"Wait, Wait! What's already here?"
"Whose everyone? "

Things were going so fast that Chase was confused. When suddenly a large mechanical monster started to emerge out of water. Tentacles were sprouting out of every direction. Metal walls and floors were being crushed, and water was splashing as if there was a storm raging down a shore. It was a monster like figure that is about 300 meters wide.

"So it's it's finally here", said Lawrence.

"A squid?", said Chase.

"A squid, that's a bit of an understatement.", said Mr. Miser.
"This is my priceless possession!"
"The Calamari!"

"Pshht! Hahaha!"
"Haha can i have a plate of sauce with that"

Everyone was in silence and was looking at Chase with their scrutinizing eyes.

"Hmm. That's a big Calamari."

"Now that Mr. Chase's serious can we continue Mr. Miser.", said Cire.

"This is the best in the business."
"The best in reconnaissance world. This beauty is able to resist radar, sonar and almost everything that will detect our movement. It is able to carry a hundred tons, able to fire five missiles per second,and is able to move past the sound barrier. It can stand its ground against any submarine in every navy. Its tentacles have grips that can exert pressure that can crush even the hardest reinforced wall. It can escape  We can penetrate anything with  my Calamari. Don't get me going about its tracking system. Nothing can escape its eyes. "
"With this we can get as close as possible to your island."

"Then why did you hire the rest of us?" Chaser asked Cire.
"Why don't you just attack the place or better yet bomb them!"

"Do you know what it's called Mr. Chase?"

"The island?"

"Yes the island! Mr. Chase!"


"It's called the Impenetrable Island."
"No missile can ever get close enough to even put a dent on it, Nothing can get in or out of it without it's permission. We tried everything! Robots, submarines and jets all were failures."
"We could just fire missiles at it, nukes like you said, but that's not why your here Mr. Chase."
"What we want! What we want is what's inside."
"Do you understand now John?"

Chase just nodded and did not say anything. Cargoes were loaded on Calamari. One crate fell and to their surprise it was full of nothing but sand. 

"Don't touch it.", said Miser.

Preparations were ready. Everyone went in. Mr. Cire told them to do their best and if they ever come home alive all of their dreams are gonna be fulfilled. Miser's crew were busy manipulating the mechanical beast. There were about twenty of his men piloting Calamari.  From the power chamber to the control room everyone were inside their own zones that they barely even talked.

Everyone saw how beautiful the ocean was through calamari's eyes and us they submerge further down they were able to see such magnificent beasts that were only possible through calamari's resistance to pressure.
Then Miser began to start a friendly obligation.

"You know why I'm here?", asked Miser.

"Nobody asked", replied One.

"Oh come on! Don't be a sour puss mister swordsman."
"With all the jobs that I've done for the past 20 years I was able to build up my reputations. I even accumulated wealth large enough to build my own company of infiltrators."
"So why did I come here?  If it's not for money, not for the reputation then why am I here?"
"I'm here for vengeance!" "I'm here to take revenge on all infiltrators that died for this job."

Miser's speech started to awaken something inside everybody's heart."

"Now that I'm done who's next?", said Miser.

"Well I'm here for a mission and one mission only" said Lawrence."Ever wondered how I got this good with computers?"
"My master his name was Yabut, he taught me everything.Then he went missing when i was fifteen"

"So?",said Miser
"What has that go to do with our situation?"

"Let me finish Mr. Infiltrator. Yabut developed all of that island's system. That's why it's unbeatable form the outside. If this is the only lead that I have to find him then I'm willing to risk my life to find him. It's already been eight years."

"An avenger and a son searching for his father huh?", said One.

"What about you Master One?", curiously asked by Chase.
"Why are you here?"

"I've beaten every known martial warriors of this era. Whether masters or military, no one stood a chance."

"So you run out of punching bags and now you want to beat up robots?" said Miser.

One stopped talking. Then they're ship started to rattle. Calamari started to be unstable. Everyone crew on their ship started to panic. Miser quickly ran to the control room and asked about their situation.

"Sir look!" said one of the crew member.

Miser's face trembled in fear. They saw something that was physically impossible. The whole island was covered with motion triggered bombs swirling around it. It was like an underwater tornado. The ship was still rocking. Miser took command.

"Guys you may want to have a look!" said the panicking Miser.

Chase, One, and Lawrence immediately went to the control room. Radars, and other devices were on chaos and sirens and other beeping sounds were heard.

"What is happening here?" said Chase.

"Look!" Miser replied while pointing towards the island.

"Attention every crew member on weapon's deck load the cargo. Hurry up or were gonna be dead!"
"Everyone in this room buckle up! If you don't wanna die!"
"Initiate, air calamari!"

"Aye sir" the crew replied.

The ship's tentacles started to straighten up and  tilted towards the surfaces. It was gaining speed as it was about to emerge out of the water. Then as it went above the water part of the tentacles started to spew out smoke and fire as rockets. 

"Fire all missiles up to 300 mile radius from our position!" 

"What are you up to Miser!?", said the frightened Lawrence.

"It's going to rain!" Miser replied.

"Won't they get shot down?"

"No Lawrence, look."

The missile started to split in numbers then hatched into grains of sands.

"So they weren't sand they were gun powder?" asked the confused Lawrence.

"No, look again."

They were astonished. What they thought were grains of sands were actually nano tech. They started moving in all direction covering up the the entire island.

"They're our cover. They'll stop any motion sensors so we're bomb free."

"We only got one problem. I didn't know that they would have so many bombs. I don't know how they'll react since I don't have any data. We should probably head out now." said the excited infiltrator.

Miser lead them to a tiny vehicle. The little squid. It was a smaller version of Calamari. Miser explained that Calamari was to big to not be detected. They were gonna ride this one to ensure that they will reach the Island in one piece.

"Let's start the engine."
"Power core ignite"
"Calamari release!"

Splashed! They hit water surface.

"The original plan was to go underwater but as you all saw it's not an option."
"Little squid passing mac 1" 
"Were approaching the island".
"I'm gonna make all the infiltrators proud"

"Tsug Tsug Tsug ching!!" Bombs started to stick on the little squid.

"Intruder eliminated"

To be continued.

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