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Chapter 3: The Exotic and The decision

That was the last time Chase saw the woman. He never intended to go and meet up with her. Chase was stubborn and never  wanted help. " I am perfectly fine on my own". He continued living his life like before, working like hell, and sweating blood just for little amount of money. He was not living extravagantly but at least he was not risking his life.

Deep inside his heart was a void that he does not know how to fill. A strange appetite that was looking for something more. It's a sensation that tells him he had a better life than this. He could not hide the excitement. He was craving for something else. He was searching for the thrill he had three years ago. His life was dull. He was again without a purpose.  His soul is drying up and dying every minute of his life. 

Chase was sitting idly near the shores of Legco. He was staring on cargo ships, wondering how they work. It was his unsolved mystery how he could disassemble that glider but ended up forgetting what he did.
"Bzzzzzzzzz! Bzzzzzzz!"

Chase knows that sound it was another glider.
"Bzzzzzzzzz! BZZZZZZ!"
The sound was getting stronger like it was heading towards his direction. He stood up and  he turned around trying to find the sound's source. He was right it was another glider but there was something different about it. It was covered with gold plates, it was smaller, and it was emitting  much less noise.  Chase noticed an imprint on the car door. It was a coat of arms of a bird struggling to get out of a cage. The door opened. A small man came out. He looked like an elf with his pointy ears and small constitution.

"Are you John Chase?", he said

"Yes and who are you?", Chase replied

"I'm here to offer you work"

"Look here little man, let me tell you straight, I'm not interested."

Chase was about to walk away when the little man started to talk.

"What if i give you an offer that you can't refuse?"
 "Money? Woman? We can give you anything that you want."

"I'm not interested", said Chase.

"Wait mister what if i can give you information?"
"Anything that you want to know. Don't you want to know who you are?"

"Do you know who I was?"

"No but we can give you all the information that you want to know."
"We have our resources."

"What can I do for you? You probably heard of my reputation, I'm useless"
"Are you sure I can help?"

"Believe me you are exactly what we need"
"We need your luck"

The little man told him he knew about Chase's work. How he survived even his suicide missions. How he was able to come out alive even when he was given the job to die.

"I know every little thing about you. I wonder how such a useless man like you is able to finish such high class exotics."

"I.. I don't know what you're talking about. It was all luck."

"Exactly! That's why  we need you."
"We've hired the best infiltrator, security expert, and master assassin for the job but we've simulated every possible outcome and we will still fail this job. We need you and whatever it is that you do to turn the impossible into reality"
"This would probably be the hardest thing that you'll do you're entire life."
"Are you willing to accept this Mr. Chase?"

"If you can tell me who I am I would even die for you", said Chase.

"Let's go Mr. Chase, step inside the car"

"Wait! Tell me your name."

"Cire. Stanli Cire"

They went inside the glider. It was like going inside a portal that will lead you inside a fancy hotel. There was a portable bar, a giant viTv, a luxurious sofa and an FGB or food generator box, a special device that could stock at least a ton of food inside an alter dimension,  but what caught Chase's attention was that unfamiliar robot that keeps on emitting laser.It looked like a fat bird with it's wings and ball like odd shape. It seemed like it was curious about him. He was startled when it started to scan his body like light trying to crawl all over his body.

"Hey! Hey! What is this thing doing to me? I'm not a grocery item."

"Easy Mr.Chase it's only trying to rate your Ability"

Cire showed Chase a piece of glass that was like a tablet computer. It showed data and graph of his performance. Of course Chase could not understand what it says. Little man Cire could read his expression and started to explain what it was.

"See here Mr. Chase this shows every aspect of your every capabilities. Everything seems quite poor"
 Cire was talking like an old man trying to read newspaper.
"Hehe. Makes me wonder? Are you really able to perform miracles can?"
"Can you give me the next lottery numbers?"

The glider suddenly stopped. Cire dropped his tablet causing it to break.

"Oh. It seems that we have arrived Mr. Chase"

"Where are we?"

"Come out and see for your self"

Chase stepped out of the vehicle. He was surprised of what he saw. Men working at a very large compound, thousands of computers, and heavily armed droids. It was like he was on a military base.

" Do you like what you see Mr. Chase?"
"We have here the most advanced facilities that are committed in making state of the art artillery."

"What are you part of the government or something?"
"Are you gonna start a war. Man, let me tell you I'm no mercinary."

"It's best if you don't know Mr. Chase "
"This is not why I came for you. Now. If you don't mind please follow me."


Part of the floor started to sink. Transparent walls began to assemble themselves like legos. It was an instant elevator.  Cire didn't say a word but Chase knew he had to follow him inside the elevator. It started to float and was headed upward. Chase was no longer surprised of such contraptions he figured that if they could build flying cars then this is an easy feat. He noticed holes in the building it was like a beehive were elevators were bees trying to enter the compartments. The elevator opened. They entered the room.

"Oh you're finally here!" said the huge black guy.
"So he's the infamous man from Exotics, Mr. Stanli?"

"Yes Mr. Lawrence", said Cire
"Mr. Chase come here"
"This is Mr. Lawrence, Lawrence Right. He is our security expert. He can crack any codes in any system in the world, he can open vaults like they were card board. He can reprogram any security protocols. He is the main man for this job."

Lawrence had this gadget that looked like a phone. It was built to give instant information about anyone's identity. Such an incredible device. It can hack any database in the world and filter every data to give it's user full information background.

"Oh let's see.. You.. are John Chase right?"

Machine started beeping like it was about to break.
"error! error!"
"Tsk! This thing's busted?"
Lawrence was puzzled about Chase

Little Cire started to call everyone. He looked at his wrist watch then tapped a lump on the wall. The room started to be converted into a large viTv. The room projected a large hologram of a building, then it turned into a room, lastly it turned into a vault.
" For months! We had tried every simulation possible to ensure a hundred percent success rate."
" We didn't even have a standing chance to beat their system"
"Its time to stop planning and start doing our job"

John Chase was confused he didn't even know what they were discussing.
"What jo.."

He didn't even finish what he was saying when a tall thin man caught their attention.

"Are you mad!"
"Do you even have an idea what you are saying?"
"Do you think we could do this because you added this guy to the team?"
"When you asked me to infiltrate their base, I saw it, I saw how men died trying to infiltrate the system."
"Heck I almost died just to give you a replica of their schematics"
"Trying to imitate their security system and recording blue prints was hard enough, but its a totally different story if we are going to infiltrate their main hardware. 
"Are you asking us to commit suicide?!"

"Come down Mr. Miser! Have some Respect!"
"Does anyone no where Mr. One is?"
"We need to have the team ready by tomorrow. We don't have much time."
"Mr. One I know your here. Show yourself"

Suddenly a shadow appeared in front of Mr.Chase. A blade was swung and Mr. Chases blood came dripping on the floor.

To be continued

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