Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chapter 2 The awakening

Chase woke up in a hospital bed. Nurses with their state of the art equipment were attending to him. Laser scanners were used to evaluate his body but not a scratch was found.
 It's a miracle you don't even have a single injured bone", said the doctor while laughing.
" Everyone was amazed of what you did son. How did you manage that mechanical abomination?"

He was still grasping for thought while trying to understand his situation. He was holding his head. It hurts, like every other time he passes out. He doesn't even know what to say. He looked pale and his body feels sore, yet there were no bruises in his body. The last thing he remembers were fragments of  events.

"An airplane! I was gonna be hit by an airplane."
"Hahaha good one son", said the doctor. 
"After being the only one how knew how to stop that metal of a monster you tell us that it's an airplane?"

The nurses were giggling like little girls.

"Haha! I only wanted the ladies to laugh." 

Later that day when he was alone while thinking of how he could pay the bills. His heart started to beat like it was about to burst. He recalled how he knew how fast the air glider was flying. He even knew what it was called. He knew the parts like it was his toy. His head was filled with images like he could see the glider's blue prints. How he was able to dodge it like it was just a ball. It was all running in slow motion. He knew that if he hit the energy source with the right amount of pressure it would cause the machine to stop. He's physical strenght had a monumental increase that allowed him to break through the thick armor of the vehicle.

The next day he was able to walk on the hospital hall. His still worried about his bills. When suddenly he thought that maybe the driver of that air glider would cover the expenses. He was asking the nurses about the mysterious driver but no one could give him the answer.

" Darn! You see I don't have that kind of money to even afford a ward. Why did you all have to put me on this expensive hospital. I don't even have a scratch. They say hospitals here in Legco are expensive."

The nurse just grinned and told him that he won't pay a single dime.

"How come?"
When suddenly a woman came and joined their conversation. 

" Are you John Chase?"
 "Why do you care?" John asked rudely.
 "We're here to hire you"

"Can a man get some rest here?"
" I'm in a hospital damn it!"

"Mr. Chase we are here to help you"

" I can do just fine! thank you"

"Please sir hear me first, I beg you to reconsider"

" I said No!"

The woman lost her temper with such disrespect. 
 " You good for nothing loser! I am no longer asking you so shut you pee hole and listen!" said the woman while grabbing Chases clothes.
Chase suddenly sensed that she was not normal. Her hands were as cold as steel and as heavy as a bolder.  He knew he sensed this feeling before but he could not remember. He started having chill on his spine. He was scared but he didn't lose his composure.

"Ok! Just let me go!"
"Jeez, are you even a woman?"

"Now that I got your attention, allow me to introduce my self."
 "I am Kirsten Kyle"
"Can we take a sit"
Kirsten got her bag and took a viTv. ViTv is short for virtual television. It looks like a convertible ball that turns into a fine sheet of glass and emits holograms. 

"Sir we saw what you did"

"Are you an employer? Is this about an exotic?", Chase replied.

"Look here. I have no talent"
"I can't do anything to help you"
" They only hire me because I'm too darn lucky"

"Mr. Chase, luck has nothing to do on what you did there."
" I am here to tell you who you are"
" No, I think it's more appropriate to say we know what you are."
"You are going to be discharged tomorrow morning"
"Don't worry about the bills we already took care of it."
"Go to the highest building in Legco if you wanna find answers"

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