Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chapter 4 :The Mission

Everyone who saw what happened turned pale. They saw an image of Chase cut in half for a second then he was alright. Mr. One was a master of warriors and an elite assassin. What happened is actually an understatement of what he could do.

"Mr. One! Sheathe your sword! No one wants any trouble", said Cire.

Blood was dripping on the floor. Mr. One's blade had barely cut open Chase's forehead.
"Do you not fear death?", said Mr. One
"Someone who doesn't even sense me nor has even a slight of war energy, how can someone like you not fear your own demise.”

Chase was just standing in front of the master assassin and was careful not to show any signs of fear. He knew that once he let his agitation take over, One's blood lust will surely swallow him up. His head was aching. He could feel that, for a moment, his life was put in danger. His body was building up. Muscles were beginning to tighten. He could feel an energy burning inside of him. The same reaction that happened three years ago was about to reoccur. His consciousness was starting to sway. He stood as near as he could get in front of Mr. One and as his bloody forehead began to clash on Mr. One's he began to speak.

"Do that again and I'll tear you limb by limb."

Chase couldn't believe what he said. He was not in control of himself anymore. His mind is starting to work on its own. He could see everybody, but he was only an audience of his own body. He can feel the eagerness to punch his attacker right on its face. He could feel the excitement of watching his new found enemy's face be beaten into a plum. He could only watch as his body was grabbing One. Mr. One tried to remove his hand but it wouldn't even budge. His grip was so strong that everyone could hear the crushing sound of his grip. Mr. One was force to use his blade once more. Chase, able to sense danger jumped back as far as he could, leaping over ten meters away from his enemy. Images were flowing inside his head. He is able to foresee his enemy’s movements like he was reading a book. He felt like he was familiar of Mr. One's fighting style. He was on par with him when it came to speed. He had more power. He could dodge every move that Mr. One was doing. He was able to snatch his opponent's sword. Then, as he was preparing to unleash a terrifying blow on Mr. One's head, his strength suddenly left him. Miser saw this as an opportunity to stop them. He entangled both with a cable made from a special alloy. Lawrence grabbed onto the wire and attached a device that electrocuted both. They were stunned. Chase lost his consciousness. Everyone inside the room was speechless. They could not comprehend what happened.

"What is he?", said Miser.

"Is he a monster? I never thought I'd see the day where One was rendered useless."
"Is he a fighting expert? Is he the same as One?" said Lawrence.

"No he isn't a warrior. I sensed it right at the beginning" said an exhausted master.

"Thirty-two exotics in three years" said their employer.

"So? I had at least a couple of hundred jobs on the old days", Mister Miser said.

"Mister Miser believe me, compared to exotics, your jobs were kid's play."

"What is his success rate?" Miser asked arrogantly.

"Probably a hundred" One replied.
"I only had three, and then I never bothered to do them anymore."

"Why?" another question by Miser.

"It's not work, It's suicide. It's madness even in the underground world. They give you hopeless jobs and expect you to die." a reply from Mr. One."

The conversation continued later that night. Chase found himself waking up in the infirmary. His body was sore and his head was aching like it was smashed by a giant mallet. It was strange that he was able to remember everything. He stared at his right arm and tried to remember how it felt but he could not gather the same energy.

He noticed that the room's walls were made form metal. There were no windows and other compartments. It looked like a giant reinforced box.

"Whoa! Whoa!" it sounded like a siren.
"Announcement, please proceed to the simulation room."

The door automatically slid and opened up. Miser was at the other side.
"Oh! Come on man where going to be late."

"Where, where are we going?” Chase replied.

"Stop asking question miracle man. Just follow me"

They went inside the simulation room. Then beams of light were being shot down from every direction until an image of an island took its form. The island  was surrounded by giant walls and every corner were patrolled by robotic eagle like mechanisms,. Its waters was flooded by hyper sensitive bombs that the only way to enter is through the sky.

"It's no easy task, there is no way to enter their perimeters without being detected.", discussed by Cire.

"Leave it to me. Do you have my package?"

"Yes Mr. Miser, What will you do with all of those gizmos?"

"I'm gonna make it rain. You want to help miracle man?" Miser was talking as if he was goofing around.

"Ok. We will let you handle this. Mr. Lawrence, make sure you're ready. Once inside it's all yours."
"Mr. One you know what you need to do."

"What about our miracle man here?"
"Won't you even make him do some simulation?"

Everyone was in silence and was looking at each other's eyes.
"Alright I understand Mr. Cire. Miracle Man! You better bring me out of there alive."

"Everyone prepare yourselves. Mr. Chase go with Lawrence he'll give you all the info in this project."
"Guys I don't think I have to remind you how important this mission is. We only have one chance. "

What will happen to the mission? What can John chase do?
To be continued.

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