Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Amplifier: Chapter 1 The The Vagabond

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The Amplifier

What if someone could steal everything that you have? Your knowledge, talents, and memories, would it not change the world? Would it not cause chaos? What if I tell you they exist? He was a victim, now trying to hunt them one by one to restore what they took. Hoping. That one day he could finally remember who he was.

 Exotics are codes for jobs that no one else would do.They are jobs that often risk lives like being a human decoy, a lab rat, etc.  Employers are corrupted men who would use desperate people and pay them at a minimum rate. These jobs are bounded by contracts. They end at their employers whim. Breaking this contract will bring death to those who accepted it.  To be paid, one must simply come back alive.

John Chase is a simple guy and is often in workers clothes.  He's useless. He doesn't have any talent. He'll do anything for money. As Chase would often say,
 " Hard work is my key out of this dump.".
He works as an errand boy in the morning. He is also a pizza delivery guy.He often gets into trouble. Once he was fired from his job for burning an entire factory by mistake.

It was summer of the year 2020 while John was working for Llander's pizza. He was riding his bike under the busy street of Legco. It was raining but he couldn't come home. He has errands to do, stuff he needs to deliver. It was dark, the rain won't stop. Pretty soon he knows that the city will be submerge under water. Legco City has not progressed for years. It's unruly. The place is on poverty. Congested traffic, damaged road, polluted waters and informal settlers, these are the things that describes this city.

Chase needs to work fast. His boss told him that he will not get paid if any of the packages were not delivered.
"You dumb goat, I only hired you because you are cheap."
"Now I am starting to think that the it's costing me more. Deliver this or your fired.

 Suddenly, on the busy streets of Legco, a car suddenly went AWOL.The car was was nothing like ordinary. It looked like it just came out of the movies. It was gliding through air, fire came out of its rear and pressure came from underneath. Cars were overturned and roads were dented. It seemed like a raging monster that eats everything on its path. It was headed right through Chase but suddenly it stopped. No one knew how but the car was not even scratched.Somehow It stopped right before it could hit Chase. While john chase was found unconscious.

Three years ago he was at the same state. He was unconscious after finishing his first job. No one knew how. It was at the middle of an exotic. His job was simple. He needed to lure the enemies disguised as the spy they needed to retrieve. He was at enemies line of fire. His life didn't matter. He figured if his life was to end, he'll end it with a purpose. Gun shots were fired and noises were heard, but no one knew how the soldiers were wiped out. The only explanation they had is that Chase had something to do with it.

to be continued.

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